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MAGNI³: Your investment deserves a better future

Better environmental conditions, compensation of social imbalances, economic development opportunities: those who act in line with the times must also face these new challenges. Accordingly, more and more investors expect their money to have a concrete social or ecological impact in addition to returns.

MAGNI³ sets new impulses in urban and regional development and accompanies sustainable projects from the first sketch of ideas. With comprehensive development know-how. With concrete financing concepts. With precise impact ratings.
Mit Zukunft.


Those who invest sustainably,
should not give up profit

Some values are not only measured in figures and balance sheets. MAGNI³ represents values that make life more valuable. Environmental awareness, community responsibility, health care, knowledge and education, and the promotion of economic opportunities in weaker regions are the currency whose exchange rate has steadily increased in recent years.

To ensure that your commitment not only generates a return but also a sustainable image gain, MAGNI³ defines and certifies your company. In this respect, projects with MAGNI³ are among the most promising value investments.